Alli - Maternity Labor & Delivery Hospital Gown

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Make your delivery even more amazing with one of our darling maternity hospital gowns!

✧Designed with the hospital in mind! Your doctor and nurse can easily access anything they need, without you having to disrobe!
✧After you leave the hospital, use your delivery gown as a nightgown. It is beautiful and comfortable as well as easy for breastfeeding in the middle of the night!
✧Fabulous baby shower gift!

✧Snaps all the way down the back to ensure you will have full coverage from behind
✧Snaps on both sides of your breastbone to help breastfeed discretely and comfortably on each side
✧Unsnap both sides for those perfect skin to skin moments
✧Gowns made from 100% cotton
✧My fabrics are super high quality and will not be see through! They get softer with every wash!
✧Satin Ribbon sashes are removable and can be tied in the back or the front

I have TWO different ways to you can pick a size.

✦ Maternity Sizing ✦ Use your current-pregnancy size!
✧XS (0-2)
✧S (4-6)
✧M (8-10)
✧L (12-14)
✧XL (16-18)
✧XXL (20-22)
✧XXL (24-26)

✦Sizing By Measurement✦
Not sure what size will fit best? The most important fit is your Bust and your Bump. Make sure to measure at the fullest part of each!

Bust Measurement
XS: Up to 35"
S: 36-40"
M: 41-44"
L: 45-48"
XL: 49-52"
XXL: 53-56"
XXXL: 57-60"

Bump Measurement
XS: Up to 37"
S: 38-42"
M: 43-46"
L: 47-50"
XL: 51-54"
XXL: 55-58"
XXXL: 59-62"

Hips Measurement
XS: Up to 39"
S: 40-44"
M: 45-48"
L: 49-52"
XL: 53-56"
XXL: 57-60"
XXXL: 61-64"

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