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Aqua Chevron - Maternity Hospital Delivery Bundle

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You will be the hit of the L&D floor with this perfect hospital set!

Our Delivery Bundle Includes Matching:

-Maternity Hospital Delivery Gown
-Maternity Kimono Robe
-set of 3 coordinating burp pads

✧Designed with the hospital in mind! Your doctor and nurse can easily access anything they need, without you having to disrobe!
✧After you leave the hospital, use your delivery gown as a nightgown. It is beautiful and comfortable as well as easy for breastfeeding in the middle of the night!
✧Fabulous baby shower gift!
✧Your delivery robe will keep you comfy and cozy in the chilly hospital!

✧Snaps all the way down the back to ensure you will have full coverage from behind
✧Snaps on both sides of your breastbone to help breastfeed discretely and comfortably on each side
✧Unsnap both sides for those perfect skin to skin moments
✧Gowns made from 100% cotton
✧My fabrics are super high quality and will not be see through! They get softer with every wash!
✧Satin Ribbon sashes are removable and can be tied in the back or the front

Our Cozy Maternity Kimono Style Robes are perfect to snuggle up in before and after your delivery! Coordinated with your Delivery Gown so that you can brave the freezing temps at the hospital! Great for breastfeeding and skin to skin time at the hospital and home with your newborn!

I have TWO different ways to you can pick a size.

✦ Maternity Sizing ✦ Use your current-pregnancy size!
✧XS (0-2)
✧S (4-6)
✧M (8-10)
✧L (12-14)
✧XL (16-18)
✧XXL (20-22)
✧XXXL (24-26)

✦Sizing By Measurement✦
Not sure what size will fit best? The most important fit is your Bust and your Bump. Make sure to measure at the fullest part of each!

Bust Measurement
XS: Up to 35"
S: 36-40"
M: 41-44"
L: 45-48"
XL: 49-52"
XXL: 53-56"
XXXL: 57-60"

Bump Measurement
XS: Up to 37"
S: 38-42"
M: 43-46"
L: 47-50"
XL: 51-54"
XXL: 55-58"
XXXL: 59-62"

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