The Mod Mum Maternity Story


I am a mom from Austin, TX who loves designing and sewing items that mom's will love!  My husband and my 8 year old son are my inspiration and support and I feel so lucky to have them!  

Everything you see in my shop is handmade in the USA!  I have a team of moms that make each and every item!  No sweat shops here!  We all feel so lucky to have you as a customer.

How was I inspired to make maternity hospital gowns? Well it all started with a terrible hospital gown at my son's birth!  Here is my story:

Isn't it funny how you always remember what you were wearing on the most memorable days of your life...
I was about to have my baby and was handed the standard hospital gown to wear for the delivery. One look at the gown, and I realized how awful it is. All of the pictures of these precious moments will be captured in this?

Not for this Mom! I wanted to be comfortable and look beautiful during my hospital stay!

After the experience I had giving birth to my son, and loathing all of the photos from the hospital, I wanted to design something beautiful that moms would be proud to wear on such a life changing day. I have designed my hospital gowns to make you feel comfortable and also covered! My husband works in Labor and Delivery and helped me design the perfect gown that doctors and nurses will love as well.

The design includes snaps all the way down the back to ensure you will have full coverage from behind. I have also included snaps at the breastbone to help you breastfeed discretely and comfortably right after giving birth. A ribbon sash is included and can be tied in the back or the front, to accent that beautiful belly. These are your first precious moments with your baby and your first family pictures.  With your Mod Mum Hospital Gown you will look beautiful and confident with that new little bundle in your arms.

After you leave the hospital, you will love using your gown and robe around the house and as a nightgown. It is beautiful and comfortable as well as easy for skin to skin breastfeeding and nursing in the middle of the night!

I genuinely can't thank you enough for supporting my small business!  Customer service is extremely important to me, as I am a mom as well! I love my customers and want to make sure that you love your hospital gown!  Thank you for buying Mom Made in the USA!


The Original Mum,

Lisa Kalberer

Mod Mum Maternity